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Core Advantages

Advantage 1: Stable, reliable, and uninterrupted

Through ten years of hard work, 263 Network Communication becomes the unique service provider that has carrier-class operating capability and professional leading mail technology in the industry, which can make sure the safe and accurate transmission of the user’s each business opportunity. Tips+Device room photo

Carrier-class operation:
1) 263 can provide numerous users with uninterrupted service
2) The entire system adopts the no-single- point failure solution. It has the capability of direct recovery in case of failure.
3) 263 continuously expands and adds new services

Non carrier-class operation:
1) In case of device failure, the service stops. Generally, the service can’t start until the failure is resolved.
2) They can’t support the application of numerous users, without QoS guarantee


Proprietary intellectual property right

Promised service success rate up to 99.99%

China Internet Association

Recommendation and Opinion regarding 263 Xmail Large-scale E-mail System Product

The 263 Xmail Large-scale E-mail System (software registration number: 2003SR10090) developed independently by Beijing Capital Online Technology Development Co., Ltd. (called “263 Network Group”) is a leading Chinese E-mail system product both at home and abroad at present . This system is of distributed design, and realizes acentric peer-to-peer distributed storage of the user data and mails through special algorithm. It can make sure the efficiency and extendibility of the system in theory. Meanwhile, it adopts many advanced technologies, such as mixing multi-process /multi-threading, connection pool, dynamic load balancing, cache, multi-domain support and management (for enterprise virtual mail system) and the like, to further improve the performance and reliability. This system is a reasonable, efficient, safe and easy-to-realize E-mail solution, therefore it applicable to Internet service provider, telecommunication operator, large-size enterprises for constructing large-size E-mail service platform to provide their users with high quality, stable and reliable E-mail service.

This Association thinks that 263 Xmail Large-scale E-mail System is a hi-tech product with proprietary intellectual property right in China and will promote the application and development of China’s Internet with high industrial promotion value. We hereby recommend you this system.

China Internet Association

September 26, 2003