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“Infinite” enterprise mailbox --263G Enterprise Mailbox

   263G Enterprise Mailbox is the updated version of 263 Enterprise G Mailbox. It is also the first enterprise mailbox product with Infinite capacity in the industry.

   263G Enterprise Mailbox inherits all advantages of 263 Enterprise G Mailbox: stable, reliable and uninterrupted; global mail, multiple protections; anti-spam and anti-virus, green and safe; complete service……; Meanwhile, innovative elements are added: G-class storage capacity is updated to “Infinite”; safe backup service is added; rich featured functions are available…..; All of these will absolutely help the users change the perspective to the enterprise mailbox service, and make the users truly enjoy the free and happy feelings brought by the carrier-class service.

   263 Network Communication is a carrier-class service provider that provides professional E-mail service earliest in China. Based on the continuous innovation in the past, self-developed E-mail system platform that supports over 100 million users, 263 Network Communication is always focused on the mail service itself to provide the users who thirst for high quality mail service with trustworthy professional service .

263G Enterprise Mailbox events

1998-2001: apply the CS mail system

In 2002: first launch the Xmail system

In 2003: first launch the “Five-level Filter” anti-spam function

In 2004: first launch the WAP push mail service

In 2005: put the National 863 Anti-spam Program’s achievement into commercial operation
               first launch the 600M ultra large attachment service

In 2006: first launch the 263 Enterprise G Mailbox

In 2007: first launch the free fax mail service
               first launch the “Global Mail” service
               launch the Web multi-language version

In 2008: first launch the 263G Enterprise Mailbox service (263G per user)
               first launch the 7-day free mail backup service

263 Enterprise Mailbox System Topology (For “Stable”, “Global Mail”)