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Core Advantages

Advantage 1: Stable, reliable, and uninterrupted

Advantage 2: Global mail and multiple protection

Advantage 3: South-north interconnection and multi-line access

Advantage 4: Anti-spam and anti-virus, green and safe

Advantage 5: Complete service and continuous innovation

Advantage 6: Free Additional Service

263G Storage Capacity

- In January 2006, 263 first launched G enterprise mailbox in the industry

Industrial innovation

- In May 2008, 263 first launched “Infinite” enterprise mailbox (263G per mailbox) in the industry

- 263G is not the difference of storage space size, but embodies capability of receiving information and the safety and reliability of information storage

Highest cost performance

- 13 RMB/Month/User

Upgrade is inevitable

- M mail is a product in the Internet narrowband times

- Now, high-speed, interactive, broadband multimedia applications are used widely. Therefore, it is 263G mailbox’s times


99.99% (Service success rate)

- 10 years of industrial background

- Carrier-class operation capability Provide numerous users with “uninterrupted” service
Have the capability of direct recovery in case of failure

- Leading mail technology (self-developed XMAIL system with proprietary intellectual property rights)

5 minutes

- 99.99% quantitative criteria (30d/m×24h×60min×(1-99.99%)=5min)

- Commitment of service protocol