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About us

263 Network Communication Co., Ltd. is a communication service provider that offers information exchange and communication service based on the new communication technology. With the brand philosophy of “New Communication, Free Mind”, 263 Network Communication is dedicated to providing the users with “faster and cheaper” new communication service products in an innovative business mode by means of the Internet technology and modern communication technology to meet the ever-increasing needs of the enterprises and individuals for information exchange and communication.

At present, 263 Network Communication is focused on two business lines. The first one is voice communication service (mainly 96446 IP call service and 95050 multiparty call service) and data communication service (mainly Internet dial-up access service) based on the billing-to-caller service mode for the PSTN user group. The other one is the Internet communication service based on the E-mail service mode for the Internet user group. With the development of the communication technology, the integrated service that crosses networks, platforms and terminals will become the development trend of the communication service in the future.

Headquartered in Beijing, 263 Network Communication Co., Ltd. sets up branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and offices in Shandong, Wuhan, Dongguan and Shenzhen. Now, the company has nearly 300 employees. Since its establishment in 1998, the company experiences fast development and made great achievements in many fields: one of the earliest and most powerful Internet access service providers in China, the largest professional E-mail operator in China, one of the first batch of ten enterprises that have the multiparty communication license in China, one of the first batch of five enterprises that have the IP-VPN license in China.

Customer cases

Communication application case in the trade industry


“We provide Alibaba’s TrustPass members with mailbox in the suffix of alibaba.com.cn. For this mailbox service provider, we select the experienced 263. We pay attention to 263 brand’s professionalism. 263 mail system provides Alibaba’s enterprise users with good communication method with stable and reliable operation quality, as well as fast and safe sending/receiving guarantee. ”

——Ma Yun, Chairman, Alibaba.com

Communication application case in the manufacturing industry

EBRO (Beijing) Co., Ltd.——“We emphasize the professionalism and technical strength of 263 brand. 263 Enterprise G Mail effectively resolves the problem of oversea interconnection, which make us keep in touch with our head office closely at any time.”

EBRO GmbH is one of the most famous valve manufacturers in the world. Quite many daily mails are sent to or received from the oversea head office. Before using 263 Enterprise G Mail, due to the limitation of the technical background and qualification, the former service provider can’t enable them interconnect with oversea. Therefore, they were restricted by this problem. By application of 263’s communication service, EBRO greatly improve the work efficiency and the quality of the business communication with the head office in Germany and the upstream/downstream partners.

Contact details

Website: www.jh263.cn

Service hotline: (0)13868968142